Leave a Little Sparkle


Jumpsuits are definitely one of my favorite trends of this winter season. I mean, it's basically a huge onsie you can wear out in public! This also means it's super comfortable but also looks pretty and chic at the same time. Maybe going to the restroom is a pain, but you know what they say right? No pain, no gain? Something like that anyway. 

This glitter jumpsuit became a quick favorite in my closet. I love how it sparkles in the sun and how insanely comfortable it is! I decided to dress it up with my favorite velvet heels, but I've actually also seen it worn low key with sneakers! Thanks to ASOS, I can now wear jumpsuits without needing to it be altered! I love that they make petite sizes in everything and it's so easily searchable. This jumpsuit is the perfect length on me, and I didn't have to do a darn thing! Who says you can't leave a little sparkle wherever you go?!

Linked below are my exact pieces alongside with alternative options for velvet heels and glitter jumpsuits! Happy shopping!


Golden Hues


This week I decided to ditch the sneakers and take it up a notch with this gold velvet long sleeves dress! It was pretty much love at first sight, as it always is with velvet. I'm not gonna lie, I'll be sad when this trend dies out. The dress immediately fit like a glove, and boy I do like having a long sleeve dress for those chilly winter nights. It's the worst when you want to get dolled up but don't want to freeze! I kept my accessories minimal with layering a few simple necklaces alongside a dainty gold choker. I decided to spice it up a bit with the shoes though! Mules are so very in at the moment and these are just a ton of fun with the extra faux fur detail. I can't wait to wear to pair them with so many outfits! 

So rarely does this happen, but I even went all out with my make up! I added a teal eyeliner on the bottom lid and a subtle gold eye shadow. I almost went for the bold lip, but decided to go with a nude to keep it simple! I'm not make up savvy at all, but it was fun to experiment with this look! Here's to more experimentation in the future! 

I went ahead and linked some of my favorite velvet dresses below along side with my exact pieces below! Happy Shopping!