Perfect Pop of Color

 Tote c/o Coach

Tote c/o Coach

I love culottes! Why are they not just called baggy pants? Where does this name come from?! There are so many questions I have, but culottes are fun to style. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels or down with flats or even more casual with a pair of sneaks! I love love (yes I said love twice) the light blue color of these pants and decided to keep it simple with a white loose fitted crop top! This entire outfit is super comfortable and easy to walk around the Dallas Farmers Market in, which just happened to be where I spent my Sunday!

Dallas summers have commenced and what better way to celebrate summer than with bright colors! This tote, c/o Coach, is fan-freaking-tastic. It's huge, and carries everything you could possibly imagine! This is also the perfect travel bag, and it so happens to be that I'll be traveling to Europe next week! I can't wait to take this bad boy with me. The color is just so vibrant and i feel that it's neutral enough to give my outfits the perfect pop of color! 

So friends, I'll be taking a few weeks away from the blog to thoroughly enjoy my time traveling. But don't fret, I'll be posting regularly on my Instagram, so please keep the love coming! 

Comment below for any recommendations for places to see and of course eat in Spain or Paris, as I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions! Also, of course, shop my entire look below!


Summer Dressin'


As you all know I've declared my obsession for midi dresses a few blog posts back. And as I promised, there would be more. And probably, most likely, definitely, some more after this. Yes, another gorgeous ASOS midi dress that of course, I purchased in petite! Sometimes, I feel like this dress is too pretty to wear. The quality of this dress is absolutely amazing. The cutouts make it feel a bit delicate, and I love the big floppy sleeves. The details and embroidery are gorgeous as well. Just the perfect amount of design. Luckily, it's super comfortable, and perfect for a bright summers day, or even a walk on the beach! There's no beach in Dallas, but a girl can dream right? 

Sadly this dress is sold out, but it does randomly come back in stock. I remember stalking this dress for months waiting for my size to come back, and when it did, I finally snagged it. So for those of you who are in love with this piece like I was, don't hold out hope! It will come back!! But in the meantime, I've linked some of my favorite midi dress pics below. Happy Shopping!