Sweatin' in my Maxi


Hi friends! Blah. Texas is killing me with this heat. Basically it's stupid humid outside all the time and it'll kinda rain for a day and cool off, but then the next day, it's just hot all over again. Thus begins an unhealthy cycle. It's really hard for me to be cute in this weather I'm not gonna lie. The sweat is real and everywhere! My current go-to has been plain oversized maxi dresses. 

This maxi was part of an order from She In. As you all know I shop at She In often and usually have great experiences with their clothing. However, every now and then, I'll get a piece with an off measurement that just fits me all weird. This was one of them! This dress actually came with these lace cold shoulder sleeves. It was super cute in the picture, but my arms were too big for them and the sleeves just felt uncomfortable. So what did I do? Chopped 'em right off! It was super easy and turned into a cute spaghetti strapped maxi. I also had to get it shortened a few inches for my petite self, but I opted for this length so I could have the option to wear sneakers as well. 

Sometimes you don't always get what you think you're going to get, but don't be afraid to make it your own! I wear this dress all the time and I love how comfortable and flowy it is during the summer. I can't wait for fall so that I can layer this bad boy up! You'll definitely be seeing it again. 

Shop all my exact pieces below and see what this dress originally looked like. Bless you all with skinny arms! Happy shopping!