Mellow Yellow


My sweet little Dexter thought he was going on a long walk, but instead he was the special guest of my photo shoot! Don't worry, he wasn't too disappointed as you can see by these shots. He got his game face on so fast! Let me tell you how hard it was to find pictures where we both looked semi good, and by good I mean not blurry! Anyway, enough about how cute my little man is. 

Let's get down to the reason we're all here, the slip dress. Or maybe you just wanted to see cute puppy pics, I wouldn't blame you! I love love the slip dress and I've been a fan of the midi trend as of lately. There are SO many ways to style a midi dress, and today I chose a more casual look with a pair of Nikes! 

I really thought it was supposed to be on the chillier side when I shot this look, so I layered a distressed T-shirt underneath. I'm gonna be real for a sec and say that slip dresses are super comfy, but on me and my curvy bod, they're not the most flattering. In this situation, I opted to tie a jacket around my waist to try and trim things down a bit. Wearing straight dresses can be tricky but that doesn't mean I won't do it! 

I've linked everything below, and added some similar pieces as well. Happy shopping!