Summer Dressin'


As you all know I've declared my obsession for midi dresses a few blog posts back. And as I promised, there would be more. And probably, most likely, definitely, some more after this. Yes, another gorgeous ASOS midi dress that of course, I purchased in petite! Sometimes, I feel like this dress is too pretty to wear. The quality of this dress is absolutely amazing. The cutouts make it feel a bit delicate, and I love the big floppy sleeves. The details and embroidery are gorgeous as well. Just the perfect amount of design. Luckily, it's super comfortable, and perfect for a bright summers day, or even a walk on the beach! There's no beach in Dallas, but a girl can dream right? 

Sadly this dress is sold out, but it does randomly come back in stock. I remember stalking this dress for months waiting for my size to come back, and when it did, I finally snagged it. So for those of you who are in love with this piece like I was, don't hold out hope! It will come back!! But in the meantime, I've linked some of my favorite midi dress pics below. Happy Shopping!