Flea Style Finds Vol. 2


I love blazer weather, and I'm just not ready to let it go! It's the perfect accessory to a plain outfit such as this one! Texas weather has been all over the place per usual, and I probably look silly wearing a blazer when it's 80% humidity, but I don't care! Thankfully they blast the AC everywhere you go here. My justification is that it's cold inside, so I still need the layers! 

I went to the Flea Style Event back in April, and found so many goodies! If you don't know what Flea Style is, and you live in Dallas you're missing out! It's a big event that takes place twice a year that allows the best local vendors to sell their products all under one roof. It's like being a kid in a candy store for me! You get to meet tons of awesome people who are so passionate about their products and crafts and that is so inspirational to me! I love supporting local businesses, because it's important to recognize all the hard work everyone goes through on a daily basis! 

I’m actually wearing a lot of my Flea Style finds here. Except for my fancy Texas Forever T-shirt. But I love Texas, Friday Night Lights, and Tim Riggins. Who doesn't love Tim Riggins?! Ok, so first off, this velvet blazer immediately caught my eye at the Flea Style booth! It's vintage and in such great condition. The gold button details were my favorite part about it. And I love navy. Navy is perfect for any season so I knew that this would be a versatile piece. It fits perfectly and the shoulder pads give it some extra life. 

Next off the accessories, mainly, the mules and necklace are by Ascot + Hart! I absolutely love their vibe and they are the nicest! The mules are so different and I hadn't seen anything like it. Of course, now I see variations everywhere, but I still love them so much. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that they've been on repeat in my closet for a while. I love all that is dainty which is why I'm a fan of this necklace. I can't find replicas anywhere, and the little tassel detail is the best. I would buy everything in their shop if I could! 

I linked a lot of exact items and a few similar below! Shop away, and don’t forget to check out Flea Style and Ascot + Hart!