Kinda Care, Kinda Don't


I swear, we should just all have Monday's off. It should be mandatory. Clearly America could adapt to that right? Well, anyway, this weekend was insanely gorgeous outside and pretty weather just automatically makes me happy. I have been DYING (ok, over exaggerating a bit) to wear my new blush sneakers, but since it's been raining a lot here, I had chosen not to, since they have a suede feel to them. It took me forever to find a pair of pink sneakers that I liked, mostly because I'm picky about fit, style, and the shade of pink. I purchased about 5-6 pair of sneakers from ASOS to try on, and instantly fell in love with these by Le Coq Sportif. I swear, I'm made for European clothing. They're so comfortable and are not bulky at all, which is very important to me when looking for casual sneakers. 

At first, I thought that I'd keep my outfit simple when wearing these sneakers, until I found this skirt at Zara. All the light bulbs went off, and I immediately knew what I was wearing the sneakers with! This skirt is ridiculously amazing, and so different than anything I've seen in a while.  

So as y'all know, I am a big lover of supporting local business and boutiques around Dallas. I went to the Flea Style event a few weeks ago, and picked up this T-shirt from Blain Bowen. I loved everything from the color of the top, to the distressed and soft feel of the T-shirt and of course the words written in my favorite blush color. I might be obsessed with blush this season. But anyway, this shirt is greatness, because it describes me pretty accurately. Kinda Care. Kinda Don't!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday, and I've linked some of my favorite blush sneakers and these exact items below! Happy Shopping!