Layering the Fishnet

 Top Gifted by  style we

Top Gifted by style we

Honestly, I wasn't sure how I felt about fishnet tights coming back as a trend, but I decided to give it a whirl and bought myself a pair. Let me say that they're way more comfortable than I anticipated them to be! I can't say that it provided any extra warmth or anything, but under a pair of distressed jeans, it definitely looks pretty rad! It's subtle, but when noticed, makes the best difference in an outfit! I definitely will be repeating this combo throughout the winter! 

This tank top, courtesy of Style We, is so unique. The pattern, material, and pockets are just a few things I love about it! Since it's gotten a bit chilly around here, I decided to layer up with a long sleeve turtleneck underneath. This top is so versatile. I can see it being worn at the office, layered like this, or with a blazer on top, or just as a tank with a leather skirt for a night out! 

Let me talk about these shoes, because I cannot stop wearing them! Let's be real here, everyone has been sporting the Gucci mules and they're definitely amazing. But I definitely am not dropping $600 on a pair of shoes anytime soon. I was at my favorite Dallas boutique, Lion & Witch (of course) and spotted these from the other side of the store! They are stinking cute with the floral design, and they also have the faux fur feature, which actually does keep my feet warm! I love that they slip right on and are so easy to style. They make the most perfect pop of color in an outfit. Since I can't find these exact ones online anywhere, I went ahead and linked a few similar pairs of shoes down below.