Maxi Dressing for Petites


Let's talk Maxis for a bit. I am a lover but also a hater because generally, they're hard for me to find due to my lack of height! 61 inches to be exact! Since beginning this blog, I've done countless amounts of "research" on finding clothes for petite gals like myself. I've narrowed down my two favorite places to Asos and She In

Asos always has great quality clothing, fast shipping, and free returns. The biggest reason I often order from Asos is because they carry petite sizes. This is huge for me, because maxi dresses can almost always be way too long on me. I have a hard time justifying spending the money getting a dress altered after I already paid a decent amount for it! 

I've had many people ask me about She In clothing, and quite honestly, I've never had any major problems. Shipping takes a bit longer, so don't place any orders if you need it by a certain date. The quality is not terrible for the price that you're paying. Unfortunately,  free returns are not offered, but the exact measurements on each piece of clothing really helps in determining what size I need, so I rarely feel like I need to return what I buy. I will admit, that most of my maxi dresses I buy from She In, end up being shortened/altered. I know, I literally just contradicted myself, BUT, for the price that I pay for the dress, the total cost still ends up being cheaper than a dress from a department store or even sometimes ASOS! I also am a bit picky, and I like some of my Maxi dresses to be above the ankle, so I can still wear sneakers with them! Gotta keep it versatile right? 

Please note, that this post is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to share my opinion on the two sites I shop the most on, and how I find clothing for my petite frame. I'd love to know how/where you all shop, petite, or not so please comment below!

I’ve linked all exact items below, Happy Shopping!