My Oversized Life


I have a thing for oversized sweaters this year. Especially the big chunky knit kinds. Typically in Texas it's barely cold enough for a jacket. A secret about me, I really hate wearing coats! They're bulky, too warm, and too many layers! I've been mostly boycotting wearing jackets this winter, and I've found that a huge warm sweater is the trick to that. I also realize I'd never be able to get away with this in any other state. Thank goodness I don't live up north anymore right?! 

This sweater is pretty old, I've had it for a few years, but never really wore it till this year. I used to feel a bit insecure wearing huge baggy oversized sweatshirts because I'm really short, 5'1  to be exact! The best way I've found to wear oversized anything, is with skinny jeans or leggings, but mostly skinny jeans! I mean in all reality, the point of the sweater is to be oversized, so it's okay to not look thin and put together all the time! I totally take advantage of this sweater when I want to eat a ton of good food! So basically I wear this sweater all the time! 

I love love love these feather slider sandals. They're ridiculously comfortable and it feels like I'm just wearing house slippers all the time! They're fun and fluffy and add that perfect pop of color to a bland outfit. 

I linked some exact pieces and favorite oversized sweaters for y'all! Happy shopping!