The 70s are Back!


This dress is everything! I feel a bit 70s in it, especially with the over the knee boots! For as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to anything paisley patterned. I have no idea why, and I know it's not as cool as it used to be, but I still like to rock it from time to time. This dress has been in my closet for a while now (no, not since the 70s), and I like to wear it out for dinner or to the bars. It's a pretty thin dress, so as you can tell, the wind wasn't my friend that day! Just because it's long sleeves doesn't mean it's warm by any means. It's lightweight and comfortably with the sleeves. I also typically accessorize it with a simple long necklace to break up the pattern a bit.

I have never paired my over the knee boots with this dress before, but I dig the look alongside the fishnet tights! This is clearly a big trend this year, and I like that it's subtle with this look. You guys, these boots are awesome. They don't hurt my feet! I also love love the tortoise detail on the heel, which inadvertently emphasizes this 70s theme. By the way, these boots are on major sale right now! Since this dress is pretty old, it's sold out, but I linked other dresses with this same style and pattern for ya!