Leave a Little Sparkle


Jumpsuits are definitely one of my favorite trends of this winter season. I mean, it's basically a huge onsie you can wear out in public! This also means it's super comfortable but also looks pretty and chic at the same time. Maybe going to the restroom is a pain, but you know what they say right? No pain, no gain? Something like that anyway. 

This glitter jumpsuit became a quick favorite in my closet. I love how it sparkles in the sun and how insanely comfortable it is! I decided to dress it up with my favorite velvet heels, but I've actually also seen it worn low key with sneakers! Thanks to ASOS, I can now wear jumpsuits without needing to it be altered! I love that they make petite sizes in everything and it's so easily searchable. This jumpsuit is the perfect length on me, and I didn't have to do a darn thing! Who says you can't leave a little sparkle wherever you go?!

Linked below are my exact pieces alongside with alternative options for velvet heels and glitter jumpsuits! Happy shopping!