The Simple Cardi


Keeping it pretty simple this week. Black and white is becoming a close favorite to black and gold as far as color combinations go. I wore this outfit all day running errands, and it was so easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt. Texas weather has been outrageously bipolar lately. It can start out in the 50s and end up in the 80s so what's better than a cardigan? No really, please tell me, because I can't think of anything! I'm definitely all ears! I feel like the cardi is perfect, because it's super easy to layer. Take it off when it gets too warm, tie it around your waste if you're feeling extra daring, and you're ready to go! I have a number of cardigans but I love this one because it's oversized (of course) and super warm and cozy. 

Let's talk accessories for a minute. I'm obsessed with these feather sliders and wear 'em a lot! They're versatile, fun and of course comfortable. These sunnies are fabulous! I've been wanting a pair of round and silver sunnies, because I have way too much gold (is that even a thing?). Anyways, in case it is, I was gifted this pair from Hashtag Sunglasses! The best part about them? They're clip-ons! More pictures to come in future blog posts I promise! But for now, use my code NewShades4You and you can get 10% off your next order! Their collection is endless and there's so much to chose from! So far, I'm a fan of these shades. 

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