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 Watch Gifted by  Jord Watches

Watch Gifted by Jord Watches

Happy almost Friday! So close yet so far. I have worked some extra shifts at the hospital this week, so the weekend can't come soon enough! Zara recently had another huge sale and I found this cute little springy dress for $20! I can't even handle how fun this dress makes me feel even though it's black. Note to you all, definitely don't wear it on a windy day! Made that mistake as you'll see below. Whoops! It's a super thin, breathable material and I love that it has longer sleeves to it for those cooler nights out. This dress is the perfect spring staple!

I am SO excited to collaborate with Jord Watches. I've seen their watches everywhere lately, and I really think the concept of a fully wood watch is different and genius! They've executed it really well, and have made so many unique styles and colors! I'm a huge fan of watches and accessories as you all know, but I really can't stand a heavy watch that feels like it's weighing my entire arm down! This watch is so lightweight, that I completely forgot that I was wearing it. I'm also a big fan of large faces on a watch! I've even worn men's watches in the past because their faces are bigger. The Jord Watch did not disappoint in size. The face is a perfect size and I love that you can customize the actual size of the watch! It comes without needing to be adjusted! Of course they include some links in case you want to make it larger. I wanted a neutral color since my style can be all over the place. As a reference, here is the exact watch that I'm wearing! 

With all of that said, I'm so excited to partner up with Jord Watches to give away $100 towards a watch of your choice! That's huge! Roughly half the price of a watch! Sign up HERE and a winner will be announced at the end of the month! The best part? You get $25 just for entering! Shop the rest of my look below!!