Sweatshirt Shenanigans


Now, I think it's been established that I gravitate towards anything and everything that is comfortable and as of lately oversized. Call me lazy, I don't care, but since I ain't trying to impress anyone anytime soon, why not just lounge around in what feels good?! So yes, this dress is bomb! It's getting warmer out, mind you its February! I'm going to embrace it by pretty much wearing only long sleeve dresses for the next month or so. 

But really, I love how comfortable this dress is, but also it has it's own unique flare to it with the high rise neck line, and these deep pockets. I wasn't sure they were real at first, but they're legit. I can fit my entire life's belongings in there if I wanted to! Ok, maybe not, but they are really big, and I love any dress with pockets. I went with a simple pair of black sunnies and the ever so versatile Adidas sneakers for a day of running errands. 

Shop this exact dress (it's on crazy sale) and also other favorite sweatshirt dresses below!

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