The Awesome Trench


There's something about a trench coat that makes you feel official. I have no idea why, but it just does. And then you put this jacket on and turn around...Awesome?!? Like literally it says awesome on it! I snagged this during Zara's recent ginormous sale and I cannot stop wearing it. It's super light, so don't expect this jacket to keep you warm, but do expect to look super cute and get a lot of people coming up to you saying "Awesome jacket". Original people, really. It's enough to make you chuckle though. 

I decided to go pretty minimal with the rest of this look, so my super awesome jacket would have its chance to stand out. Black skinny jeans and a tucked in white T-shirt and my favorite black patent leather mules! Seriously these bad boys are the best when you don't feel like wearing high heels! I'm loving miles lately, because I haven't had a pedicure in way too long. Mules are basically contributing to my laziness. 

Anyway, shop everything below! Also, I added a few of my favorite trench coats!