The Valentine's Day Gift Guide


It's officially February y'all! I love February, because it's my birthday month. That's pretty much the only reason why. But I suppose it's also the month of love. Valentines day is right around the corner! I am fairly simple when it comes to Valentine's Day. Being a single gal myself, I love spending it with my girlfriends! I think it can be fun to get into the Valentine's Day spirit, and even though we spend time with the ones we love all the time, its nice to be a little more gushy than normal about it. For the occasion, I put together a little gift guide! It's perfect for your significant other and your best girl friends! Feel free to slip this into your boyfriends pocket when he's not looking! Better yet, get your gals together for a fun night to celebrate love! 

1. XOXO Coffee Mug: This is a super cute mug and it screams love! I am always a fan of fun coffee mugs and this one is on sale! It's the perfect gift for your girlfriends that are coming over! Stuff them with candy or better yet, wine!

2. Kate Spade Watch: I do love anything with a big ole heart in the middle! Kate spade has the cutest occasion watches and this blush pink one is the prettiest of them all! Slip in those subtle hints to your man about needing (err wanting) a new watch!

3. Earrings: These ombré ball earrings are perfect for a fancy dinner out! I'm all about the pinks this year, and love how cute and flirty they are!

4. Kate Spade Heart Socks: Um how cute are these?! Buy these for your girlfriends and get all comfy to stay in for a girls night! I know that's what I would do! 

5. Lipstick: Pink lipstick says it all. Any shade! Definitely buy yourself this treat and wear it on your hot date for Valentine's Day! 

6. Bralette: This bright red bralette is self explanatory. Get it, wear it, and surprise your boo thing! 

7. Sunglasses: I most definitely am buying myself these sunnies as my own Valentine's Day present! Like I said, I'm obsessed with the blush tones this season, and you can never have enough sunnies! 

8. Kiss Kiss T-shirt: This fun casual shirt is perfect for the occasion whether you're doing a girls night or a low key date night to the local bar. Either way, I'd wear this T-shirt all the time!

9. Michael Kors Sneakers: Gotta have a pair of pink sneakers in your closet! I'm a fan of the slip ons lately, but this eyelet pattern is different and I like different!

10. Sweatshirt: Not so Serious! Yes! That's how I feel about Valentine's Day. No need to hype it up, and this sweatshirt says it all. It's all about spending a little bit of extra time with the ones you love most!

Happy shopping my friends!