The Wider the Better


Oh my god these pants are amazing! They also are deceiving because they also look like a maxi dress when it's not windy! As you can see, the day I shot this look was windy AF. I swear one day I will get the hang of the windy photo shoot and just embrace it. But for this one, I will just continue in my awkwardness.

Oh right, back to this jumpsuit.  I purchased it over the summer, but styled it for a cooler day out with a leather jacket. This worked pretty much perfectly. I do really dig jumpsuits, and I also like being able to layer them! I've worn this one with a plain T-shirt, a long sleeves shirt underneath, and with a denim shirt on top! There are so many fun options for how to style this piece! 

The best part about a jumpsuit? You don't have to worry about it flying up when it's windy! Shop some of my favorite wide leg jumpsuits below!

Photos by Alisha Keshavjee