Attempting Winter


This year, winter has been a bit mild, and we're only on our second cold front of the season. It can be nice not to be so bundled up all the time, but around the holidays I kinda want it to feel like winter! This is my non-winter winter outfit so to speak!

I'm typically not really a hat person. I get annoyed easily of things in or around my head. I rarely wear my hair  in an up do, so wearing a beanie is definitely out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion! I know, not really a big deal, but for me, it is! I saw this cute little fur ball on top and totally wanted it. I didn't even try it on beforehand! Secretly just figured if I didn't like it, I'd pass it off to my sister who has the best face for hats (jealous). But hey! It actually looked pretty cute on me! I spent all day in this hat and I really see what the appeal is! My head and ears were so warm and cozy, go figure!

Let's talk about the rest of this little ensemble I put together. The leggings are velvet of course. Are you even surprised?  I also think they'd look great dressed up! I think every girl should own a big slouchy black sweater because you never know when it will come in handy. Vests are perfect to layer over sweaters when it's not cold enough for a jacket! This military vest is amazingly warm and I love that it comes with a hood, you know, just in case if it rains in Texas. I wear this vest pretty often, not gonna lie. 

These sneakers are a favorite among my collection. I'd been wanting a pair of not so chunky New Balance sneakers for a while now. I actually took my time in waiting for the right pair, and last spring they released these black and gold babes! They've since sold out, BUT now they have a white and gold pair! I actually like them better than mine, but wouldn't allow myself two of virtually the same shoe...Not yet anyway!

I've linked the similar shoe and all my other items down below! Happy shopping!